Border Patrol’s Recruitment Crisis

It’s no surprise that Border Patrol is having trouble hiring. CBP agents have to deal everyday with thousands of new migrant crossings, an administration that refuses to enforce our immigration laws, and heavily armed cartels.

But the recruitment process for …

Morale at Our Southern Border

Our CBP law enforcement officers have borne the brunt of the Biden-Harris-Mayorkas border crisis. Everyday they face off against cartel terrorists, deal with thousands of migrant crossings, and serve an administration that is ambivalent about the crisis of their own …

Declaring War on the Cartels

Declaring War on the Cartels

It’s time we hit the cartels where it hurts the most: their bank accounts.

Right now, Mexican cartels have complete control of our southern border. They are trafficking drugs and people into the U.S. every day. And yet the Biden …



Texas Reloaded is BACK.

Mayra Flores, Cassy Garcia, and Monica De La Cruz are on the verge of flipping South Texas RED for the first time in history this November.

If they win these Democrat seats, it will send a …