Creating a more connected and active community by educating Texas high school students on policy and political issues and empowering them to engage in local and national politics.



This is an opportunity to join the next generation of leaders that will help shape America for decades to come. Our country is at a crossroads. Are we still proud of the greatest experiment in history- the United States of America- or do we think America is bad? Are we a country that values our founding principles or should we move towards a socialist government?

As Republicans, we believe America is inherently good. We uphold the values that created our great nation. Now is the time to make your voice heard and determine the future of America.

The Dan Crenshaw Ambassador Program was created specifically to empower and encourage Texas high school students to participate in political and community engagement.

Ambassadors will have unique access:

  •  Through the Crenshaw Ambassador Instagram page (@crenshawambassadors), Ambassadors will have exclusive access to content directly from Congressman Crenshaw and Team Crenshaw, including policy explainer videos, invites to events, and advice from some top conservatives on how to get involved in the political debate and much more.
  • Ambassadors will be invited to “Dinners with Dan” throughout the year and information sessions with Team Crenshaw.
  • Ambassadors will have opportunities to volunteer at campaign events and participate in days of service in the district as well.


High School students from across Texas are eligible to sign up and participate in the program.

Note: Ambassadors can decide how active they want to be. We encourage them to remain active in high school clubs and groups as well.


Now! Enrollment is rolling.


To become an Ambassador, students can apply by filling out the below questions  Once you’re approved, you will receive an email notifying you of your acceptance to the program.