Dan Crenshaw’s Statement on President Trump’s Withdrawal from the Iran Nuclear Deal


President Trump made the decision to leave the flawed JCPOA, the Iran Nuclear Deal, and now it’s time for us to support his decision and ensure we are successful.

For any agreement to succeed there has to be trust, and as Prime Minister Netanyahu revealed last week, Iran has been far from transparent. We must now pressure the IAEA to fully investigate the revelations, and establish a baseline and possible military dimensions of the Iranian nuclear program. This should have been done long before the JCPOA was signed.

Iran continues to build and test ballistic missiles and continues to arm, fund, and task proxies throughout the region. Reinstating harsh sanctions is the only way to decrease the Iranian threat to our interests in the region. We must stand behind our President’s efforts to bring our allies on board and support the Iranian people as they demand their freedom from tyranny.

Correcting the missteps of the Iran Nuclear Deal will not be easy, but we will stand with the President as he boldly goes forward to keep Americans safe.

-Dan Crenshaw