Biden’s Silence in the Face of Brutal Authoritarian Regimes

Freedom is a natural state. Humans yearn for freedom—as we’re seeing across the globe in China, Iran, and Cuba—among others. They don’t need much from the US. Just moral support, and recognition for their righteous cause of freedom. But Biden stays silent, of course.

Yesterday, WH official John Kirby was asked about the President’s reaction to the protestors in China chanting “freedom!” His response? We’re “not going to speak for protestors.” 

Interesting. They had no problem endorsing BLM protests, right?

It doesn’t stop there. Iranian citizens are standing up to the regime, too. Women are removing and burning their hijabs. Iran’s soccer team refused to sing their national anthem at the World Cup. In Cuba, citizens took to the streets to protest the lack of food, electricity and basic medicines. They’re also demanding the release of political prisoners—those jailed for criticizing the regime.

In all of these scenarios, the Biden Administration is nowhere to be found in giving a full-hearted message of support on behalf of the freest nation in the history of mankind. Is it ignorance? A lack of caring? Gutlessness? Maybe a mix of all three.

America is a beacon of light for freedom fighters around the world. We should be standing hand-in-hand with those protesting oppressive regimes. This isn’t rocket science. Let’s once again be that shining city on a hill that Reagan talked about.