Border Patrol’s Recruitment Crisis

It’s no surprise that Border Patrol is having trouble hiring. CBP agents have to deal everyday with thousands of new migrant crossings, an administration that refuses to enforce our immigration laws, and heavily armed cartels.

But the recruitment process for CBP is also creating an unnecessary hurdle for qualified candidates by requiring a polygraph examination. The bill I re-introduced this week would eliminate that requirement for some candidates with law enforcement or military credentials.

Polygraph tests are notoriously unreliable and easy to manipulate. Beyond serving as an interrogation tool for intelligence officers when vetting an asset, they have almost no useful purpose. They aren’t useful legally and get thrown out as evidence in court all the time. Overly aggressive and unaccountable polygraph testers are causing failure rates of around 50% according to the National Border Patrol Council.

To be honest, polygraph testing should be eliminated for all CBP applicants. Hopefully with Pelosi’s iron fist no longer controlling Congress, we can get enough bipartisan support to at least end the polygraph requirement for law enforcement and military credentialed applicants. If your congressman is a Democrat, please call their office and demand they support this bill.

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