Can you believe this

It has been one year since Joe Biden took office and dismantled President Trump’s border-security agenda. 
Biden canceled the wall. 
Biden ended the Remain in Mexico Policy. 
Biden stopped basic enforcement of our immigration laws. 
Biden ended the Trump policies that finally got illegal immigration under control. 
As a result, we’ve seen the worst border crisis in decades on Biden’s watch. 
The Biden Border Crisis has allowed more than 1.7 MILLION illegal immigrants to flood across our southern border during his first year in office. 
Border Patrol estimates that there are approximately 1,000 illegal immigrants getting away EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.
This illegal immigration crisis has endangered Americans and allowed dangerous drugs like fentanyl to spread into our communities.
Since Joe Biden took office and enacted his open-borders agenda, I’ve fought back.
As the first member of Congress to visit the border to get a firsthand look at the Biden Border Crisis, it’s clear to me what is driving this crisis. Joe Biden and his socialist allies in Congress have advocated for an open-border agenda and are doing everything they can to tear apart President Trump’s border security policies.
We need to re-implement basic border security, including finishing the wall, re-implementing the Remain in Mexico Policy, and enforcing America’s immigration laws.
As your Representative for the 2nd Congressional District of Texas, I am committed to doing just that.