Crenshaw’s Houston Youth Summit Draws Nearly 2,000

Crenshaw’s Houston Youth Summit Draws Nearly 2,000

On Sunday, September 15th, Congressman Dan Crenshaw hosted his first annual Houston Youth Summit to engage Houston-area students in conversations about mental toughness, public service, civic duty and more. 1,900 high school and college students signed up to attend. The interactive event had five panels with questions from the audience throughout the program. Panelists included: former Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell and Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer; “Dear America” host Graham Allen, his wife Ellisa Allen and the show’s producer Jake Stone; “Relatable” host Allie Stuckey; former Houston Astro Roger Clemens; and former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley.

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“It’s not every day that a group this large of driven, young adults gives up a Sunday afternoon to hear from military, government and political leaders,” said Congressman Dan Crenshaw.  “It’s clear there is a desire to have these conversations in our community and that is a great sign. My hope is that everyone who attended left with something they could apply to their life. I’m so grateful for our special guests and a big thank you to everyone who attended. This was an awesome experience and the best part is we’re just getting started.”

“I have great faith in the next generation of conservatives and all of us have a responsibility to ensure their success,” said Ambassador Nikki Haley. “These young people are ready to use the power of their voice. When they are educated with good facts, they will make the right decisions. Unfortunately, many of them face intimidating environments on their campuses. That’s why showing them our support, through events like the Houston Youth Summit, is one of the most important things we can do. I hope others will join us in empowering them.”

“In order to make sure that history doesn’t repeat past mistakes, the next generation must have an understanding of it and a commitment to make sure it doesn’t happen again,” said Marcus Luttrell. “History is most often told by people who didn’t live it… this panel was made up of those of us that lived it and it’s our obligation to talk to the people coming up.”

“We were amazed at the insightful questions from these young Americans,” said Graham Allen and Jake Stone. “It’s events like this that give us hope in the next generation of conservatives.”

“Too often conservatives consider youth a lost cause,” said Allie Stuckey. “This couldn’t be further from the truth! We have an unprecedented opportunity and responsibility to show young people the logic and compassion of conservatism in a way that makes sense. This is not only possible— it’s crucial to our future.”

“The future of the Republican Party came together in a big way this weekend and it happened right here in Harris County,” said Paul Simpson, Chairman of the Harris County Republican Party. “More than 1,900 students came out from across Southeast Texas and beyond to attend Congressman Crenshaw’s Houston Youth Summit, demonstrating that conservatism is a growing political force among Generation Z. Whether it’s through events like this, social media, video, or other creative channels, Dan knows how to effectively engage with young Americans, and we’re thrilled to have him as a leader in the Republican Party.”