Dan Crenshaw on CNN: Put Armed Guards in Every School

Dan Crenshaw on CNN: Put Armed Guards in Every School

On CNN’s State of the Union this past Sunday morning, we discussed the tragedy in Nashville, Tennessee, in which three children and three adults were murdered in yet another school shooting at the hands of a deranged individual. 

We are all so sick of these tragedies. Truthfully, no one can understand what possesses a human being to commit such evil. It’s a contagion that has spread within our society ever since the Columbine shooters opened the door to senseless, dramatic, public mass shootings. And because no one understands it, the national conversation devolves into senseless finger pointing. 

The common narrative from the left and much of the media after these tragedies is always to go after guns. They want to ban certain types of guns and deny law-abiding Americans the right to own a firearm. But their proposed solutions will undermine the Second Amendment while doing little to actually solve the problem. 

The best way to solve this problem without trampling on our Constitutional rights is to put armed security guards at every single school in this country. Anyone who is serious about securing any location, whether it’s a school, or an airport, or corporate offices like the ones at CNN, knows that armed guards are the first thing you put resources toward. 

Texas alone recently allocated $400 million for school security upgrades. Most schools already have armed security guards but we need to make sure they ALL do. We are never going to be able to change the evil inside a person that drives them to kill innocent children. What we can do is have all of the security measures in place to stop them. In fact, the Nashville shooter was deterred from attacking another school in the area because it had “too much security,” according to police. 

Taking away guns from law-abiding Americans won’t stop school shootings. Putting armed guards at every school in America will. It’s common sense and a good investment for the safety of our kids.