Dan Crenshaw on Meet the Press

Dan Crenshaw on Meet the Press

Gas shortages. Hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants flooding across our borders. Rising unemployment, inflation, and violent crime in our communities. The American people are facing serious problems thanks to Joe Biden’s policies. 

But notice that the liberal media refuses to cover this, including widely-watched shows like Meet the Press. Rather than focus on the issues that matter to people, Meet the Press invited me on the show to talk about D.C. drama that doesn’t affect real Americans including my constituents. 

Here’s what Chuck Todd didn’t expect, though: I don’t take the bait from the press. 

I explained to Chuck that Americans – my constituents – couldn’t care less about the BS political drama he focused on throughout the majority of his show. They care about rising gas prices. They care about getting their kids back to school. They care about rising unemployment. They care about a secure country.

But the press won’t cover this. They want to ignore it because they want to protect Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi.

I’m going to continue to highlight the real problems these socialists have created for Americans, even if the press won’t. But I need your help for this message to reach a bigger audience than the liberal press has access to. 

Will you help? A contribution of $5, $15, $35, $50, or any amount you can afford to chip-in will make a difference.