God Bless Our Troops

At the end of a devastating week for our country, I encourage the American people to accept the reality of the situation we are in. 

We’ve been wishing for a different situation, wishing for a different reality for a very long time, and that got us into this mess. 

We have to acknowledge that there are people out there that want to kill us, that wake up every single day, and if they have any space whatsoever, any room, any time whatsoever, they’re planning an attack to kill Americans. That’s the way it is and that is exactly what happened yesterday. 

I wish it were different. But it’s not different. And we have to acknowledge that fact. We have to acknowledge that when we made the decision to withdraw from Afghanistan, we were giving terrorists an opening to re-emerge and kill Americans.

Joe Biden has refused to acknowledge that fact, and instead made the political decision to surrender Afghanistan to terrorists. Now Americans are dead. 

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Every president since Bush has had to deal with this really difficult decision of whether to withdraw ALL troops from Afghanistan, rather than leave a residual security force to fight terrorists there so we never have to fight them here – Obama and Trump dealt with it too. But Joe Biden is the only one who really followed through with the stupidest possible option to leave the country entirely. And now we’re paying in blood for it. 

There’s still ways to reverse course on this. There’s still ways to uphold our dignity, to save our people on the ground. 

These people deserve to be saved, whether they’re American citizens or whether they’re interpreters that I knew, that I worked with, who have done more for this country than most citizens of this country. We need to help them. 

And we’re not going to leave until the job is done. That has to be the first task order to the military: We’re telling the Taliban we won’t leave until the job is done. And if the Taliban or any other terrorist group gets in the way of our mission to get EVERY American and EVERY ally out of the country, our message to them should be simple: we will kill you.



Dan Crenshaw