There is excellent news on the vaccine front in Texas: starting this week, all Texans who are 16 years old and over can get a vaccine.

I was proud to vote for legislation in Congress last year that encouraged partnership between the government and private sector to develop a vaccine in record time and also require insurance to cover it, and additional legislation that allocated significant resources to vaccine distribution.

Now, I’m sponsoring legislation to ensure Texas is getting its fair share of the COVID vaccine. I’m also calling on the Biden Administration to publish the formula used to allocate vaccines to the states after reports surfaced that we weren’t getting our fair share of the vaccine.

The sooner we get vaccinated, the sooner we get back to normal. Here are some resources to help you do that:

Use this map to find vaccine availability across Texas
Click here to find a vaccine provider near you and schedule an appointment
Sign up here for vaccine availability alerts
For veterans, the VA has tools specifically for you to get vaccinated

Please pass this information along to your family, friends, and loved ones. We’re closer each day to the end of this pandemic, and the vaccine is our best weapon against it.