Issue Brief: American Energy Independence

Issue Brief: American Energy Independence

I’m continuing to fight for commonsense solutions to the problem of climate change and am working to protect Texas energy jobs in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. We can stimulate our economy and protect the environment – these are not mutually exclusive principles.


Saving the energy industry is more important than ever after oil prices dropped to historic levels during the course of this pandemic. In Texas, we know that this is about more than rescuing the energy sector. It is about rescuing jobs and livelihoods.

It was disgusting to see the left cheer the demise of American energy and the American jobs that go with it in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. Keep this in mind: If American energy independence is lost, it will be replaced with dirty Russian and Saudi oil and gas. That’s bad for our economy & our environment.

That’s why I pushed for the Trump Administration to provide relief for Texas energy producers, including easing fees for offshore leases and giving our energy producers access to pandemic relief passed by Congress.

I will always have the backs of our energy producers in Texas because they are powering our economy in our state and making America more energy independent.


I believe that climate change is a problem that requires a serious solution, not unrealistic policies that will raise your energy prices.

That’s why I’ve introduced a plan called the New Energy Frontier. My plan focuses on what works – carbon capture technology, which we have used successfully here in Texas. One company in our community uses this technology to provide electricity to 5,000 homes in the Houston area while achieving net zero emissions. Another Houston company uses carbon capture technology to take the equivalent of 350,000 cars off of our roads.

My bill boosts research and development into this technology so we can expand its success across the country, and eventually the world. We know that energy demand is only going to increase, and this demand must be met with clean, reliable, affordable energy.

Carbon capture will help ensure we can continue to power the American economy and continue to lead the world in emissions reduction. American innovation – not government regulation – is the path to success for our environment and our economy.


Since I entered office, my message on this issue has been consistent: climate change is real, and we can address this problem without stifling economic growth.

While my colleagues on the left push for onerous government regulation and economy-crushing policies like the Green New Deal, I’ve focused on a separate approach.

In national op-eds, speeches, and Congressional committee hearings, I push for policies to address climate change that rely on innovation, adaptation, conservation, and preparation.

I also speak strongly about the need to protect American energy independence, which is more than a slogan – it means a stronger economy, and healthier environment. We know that’s true here in Texas.

I’m fighting for policies that work, not more government regulations that allow polluters like China and Russia to take the lead.

America has led the world in emissions reductions, and I want that to continue.


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