Russian Collusion

Russian Collusion

The anti-fossil fuel talking points that you’ve heard from the left for years were likely written by the Russians.

The radical environmentalists don’t want you know this. So I went on Fox Business this morning to expose the truth about their collusion with the Putin regime.

It stands to reason for anyone who’s paying attention that the Russians don’t like American natural gas. We’re their biggest competitor. We’ve taken a large part of their market share.

So the Russians see all these radical environmentalist groups, these NGOs, that operate within the United States and hate fossil fuels. They’re ideologically opposed. They worship the deities of solar and wind power. And the Russians say, “Well, why don’t we fund them because they seem to be doing our work better than we could possibly do it?”

The more we dig into this, you find for instance, that there’s a shell corporation in Bermuda called Klein Limited, which primarily funds an organization in San Francisco called Sea Change, which then turns around and funds a lot of groups that you would know like Sierra Club, for instance. So the House Energy and Commerce Committee is investigating this as we speak. We’ve sent out letters to all of these groups demanding that they come forward and be transparent with their funding.

It goes back further than that. In Texas, we lost a big deal with France, a big natural gas export deal with France because the French said all of the sudden, “Oh, the carbon footprint’s too high.” Come to find out, now there are allegations that the Gazprom (Russian state-owned energy corporation) got to the French and said, “No, you need to buy ours.” By the way, remember that Russian natural gas is produced much dirtier than US natural gas.

Again, radical environmental groups are pushing these anti-fossil fuel talking points. And I’m not the only one saying this. The NATO Secretary-General and even Hillary Clinton have admitted that anti-fracking propaganda is largely funded by the Russians. The Senate Foreign Relations Committee has done reports on this. And my own Energy and Commerce Committee is investigating.

This is not a big secret. But it has not been well-publicized.

The financial and national security of America depends on our energy dominance. We can’t let Putin and the Democrats destroy it.