This is our vision

This is our vision

What do conservatives stand for? How do we win – not only the election in November – but also the culture war at large? How do we prove that conservatism is the only governing philosophy that can ensure freedom and prosperity for all Americans? I’ve been pondering these questions for a long time – and now it’s more important than ever for conservatives to have the right answers. So, this past weekend, I tried to articulate those answers. And the right path forward for us to reverse the disastrous course America is currently headed down.

Please watch my speech above.

Conservatives believe that when you maximize freedom, strong people will thrive. When you rely on and build upon the proven principles of free enterprise, the protection of natural rights, the institutional structures of a republic, you create a formula for boundless success and prosperity.
And it’s the values of the Republican Party that protect and promote these principles. It’s the Republican Party that defends the greatest ideas and the greatest founding documents in history. It is the Republican Party that places faith in the individual to pursue their happiness without the weight of government on their back. The Republican Party is America’s last great hope.

Conservatives must be happy warriors and proudly tell the world why freedom is the path to prosperity. That’s how we win in November and for years to come.

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