Will The Real Joe Biden Please Stand Up?

Will The Real Joe Biden Please Stand Up?

Joe Biden made it clear in the first presidential debate that he is the Democrat Party.

He acts like he’s the moderate who will control the radical left. But the reality is the exact opposite. It is the radical left who controls Joe Biden. Just look at his own words from the debate.

The Democrat Party is now the party of abolishing the filibuster and packing the Supreme Court with liberal judges. Biden wouldn’t even answer the question about whether he would support this policy.

Democrats are now the party of the Green New Deal. Joe Biden said it is not his plan, but he defended it last night, saying it would “pay for itself.”

And if it isn’t his plan… why does he praise it on his website as a “crucial framework”…? Because AOC is his energy advisor.

Biden also wants to raise taxes dramatically.He bragged about $4T in new taxes, then oddly claimed that’d lead to economic growth? But one study found his plan would lower after-tax incomes for everyone, including 1.4% for the middle class.

When Joe Biden says “I am the Democratic Party,” he’s right.This is the party of socialist policies, higher taxes, takeover of health care, and excuses for violent mobs and Antifa.