Congress if finally taking action against the cartels

Congress if finally taking action against the cartels

The Mexican drug cartels are the primary facilitators and profiteers when it comes to our border crisis. These transnational criminal organizations have operational control of our southern border and kill tens of thousands of Americans every single year with fentanyl. That’s why I have been so adamant that House Republicans take strong action to neutralize the cartels so they can no longer threaten our safety and sovereignty. 

I am proud to report that House Republicans are doing just that, by creating a new cartel task force that I will lead in Congress. This task force will be the focal point for producing legislation targeting the cartels, and we will also issue reports and educate the American public on the severity of this threat. More details regarding the cartels will be announced shortly. 

This is the biggest mission I’ve taken on since joining Congress. I need your support to accomplish it.

Here’s two ways you can do that right now:

  • Share your input on the path forward. What operations do you think the task force must implement immediately to take down the Mexican drug cartels? Click here to share your ideas.
  • Donate to my campaign. As you know from my past emails, Mexico’s President has already said he’s going to run an illegal election interference operation to unseat me in the next election because I have been outspoken against the cartels. If he wasn’t serious before, he sure will be now. Any financial support you can afford to give will help me counter his attacks and accomplish our goal of restoring American sovereignty and security. Click here to donate.

The cartel task force is only happening because supporters like you made it happen. For months, we demanded Congress take action against the cartels. Everyone who donated, signed my petitions, called their congressmen, and shared our message with their community helped me build up the pressure until it became impossible to ignore.

But that was the easy part. We are about to face off against deadly criminal organizations that have almost unlimited funding, advanced paramilitary capabilities, and a corrupt Mexican president backing them. I need your help to finish this mission.