Debunking the Left’s Narratives About “Assault Weapons”

Debunking the Left’s Narratives About “Assault Weapons”

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The left’s immediate response to any type of shooting in America is always focused on banning so-called “assault weapons.” That is nonsensical because rifles, which the left refers to as “assault weapons,” account for a small percentage of gun violence in the United States. According to the latest available data, handguns were involved in the vast majority (59%) of murders in the U.S. Rifles account for just 3% of firearm murders. 

Despite that fact, the left always pushes for an “assault weapons ban” after shootings, especially after tragedies at our schools. The common narrative from the left and much of the media after these tragedies is always to go after guns. They want to ban certain types of guns and prevent law-abiding Americans from owning firearms like an AR-15, which millions of Americans use for legitimate self-defense purposes. The left’s solutions will undermine the Second Amendment while doing nothing to actually prevent these tragedies in the first place. 

The best way to solve this problem without trampling on our Second Amendment rights is to put armed security guards at every school in America. Texas alone allocated $400 million for school security upgrades. Most schools already have armed security guards but we need to make sure they ALL do. Taking away guns from law-abiding Americans won’t stop school shootings. Putting armed guards at every school in America will. 

Please know that I will always defend your Second Amendment rights against attacks from the left. I have introduced legislation called the Preventing Unjust Red Flag Laws Act, which prohibits the use of federal funds to implement or enforce red flag laws. I’ve also stood up against the ATF as they continue to go after law-abiding gun owners, including with their most recent push to ban pistol braces. I never shy away from defending the Second Amendment, even if that means going on CNN and pushing back against the left’s false narratives on this issue.