Moving Forward Together as a Country

Moving Forward Together as a Country

George Floyd’s death was a clear injustice. We can all agree on that.

There was no grey area here. It was a relentless assault against a man who was handcuffed, until he died. One officer did it, but others let him do it. There must be justice for that. I’m glad to see that all of the officers in this incident have been charged, which I called for last week. Click here to watch my take on the recent events.

There is also a clear injustice taking place in cities across the country, where violent criminals are taking advantage of this tragedy to loot and destroy property. Let me be very clear about this distinction: Peaceful protestors seek justice for the death of George Floyd and healing for their community. Violent rioters seek only destruction and disorder.

There are countless stories of small business owners – already suffering from the economic lockdowns – losing everything in fires intentionally set to their businesses. Click here to read just one example.

The bottom line is that while many want to further divide us, there are things upon which we can all agree:

  1. George Floyd should still be alive and those responsible for his killing must face consequences.
  2. Police brutality is real and we must take steps to root it out of all law enforcement bodies wherever it exists.
  3. The riots and criminal activity that we’ve seen are unacceptable and harm the very communities who are hurting most right now.

These truths should unite us as we move forward TOGETHER as a country.